Joan "Worrals" Worralson

Leader of the Surrogate League


DEX: 6 STR: 2 INT: 5

Will: 8 Spirit: 7 Infl: 5

Aura: 5 Body: 3 Mind: 7

Initiative: 30

Hero Points: 42


Charisma: 6 Martial Arts: 4 Military Science: 7

Mechanic: 5 Vehicles: 11 Weaponry: 6


Combat Ace (+1 Mind, Infl, Will), Security Clearance (Low, 15 points)


Dark Secret, Guilt


.455 Webley (6 Ammo, Bandoleer, 16 Bullets), Mechanics Tool Kit

Worralson’s Gloster Meteor (Airplane, Jet): DEX: 16 STR: 14 Body: 11


Flight officer Joan Worralson, known commonly as Worrals is the leader of the Surrogate League. She served in the Woman’s Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF) at the outbreak of World War 2. Having gained aviation experience in the late 1920’s, Worral’s first military assignment was to ferry aircraft back to Royal Air Force (RAF) bases for repairs, however after major RAF losses sustained in the Battle of Britain in 1940, Worrals became a combat pilot assigned to the 317th Fighter Squadron.

Considered the best female fighter pilot alive today, she bagged 9 confirmed victories over enemy aces during World War 2, including shooting down & killing Tommanian ace Major Erich “The Black Devil”, Eisauger in 1942. At wars’ end, Worrals worked on a special intelligence assignment directed by RAF officer Colonel Raymond, attempting unsuccessfully to steal Tommanian-German supersonic jet technology plans from Berlin. Her longtime co-pilot who was killed in the operation, Lt. Bill Ashton, was in love with her but she considered him just a friend. Her occasional co-pilot, sidekick and best friend is Betty “Frecks” Lovell.

Contacted by M in August of 1946 and convinced to lead the new incarnation of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Her personal headquarters and private airfield is at Snod Hill in Northern England.

Joan "Worrals" Worralson

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