William Samson Jr.

The Wolf of Kabul


DEX: 3 STR: 2 Spirit: 6

INT: 5 Will: 7 Infl: 5

Aura: 5 Body: 3 Mind: 6

Action Points: 27

Hero Points: 40


Charisma: 6 Martial Arts: 4 Military Science (Spy): 8

Stealth: 9 Vehicles : 5 Weaponry: 7

Languages: Chinese, Hindi, & Most Eastern Dialects


Iron Nerves (+1 Will & Spirit), Insta-Change


Unrequited Love (Joan “Worrals” Worralson)


2 Peshkabz Daggers (+1)


2nd Lieutenant William “Bill” Samson Jr., known commonly by his nom de guerre, the ‘Wolf of Kabul’, is an English civil servant formally stationed at Fort Bannu on the North-West frontier of India. Utilizing his swarthy complexion, only betrayed by his piercing blue eyes, Samson is a master of disguise; using his talents as a spy and assassin for British Intelligence throughout Afghanistan and India, 1919-1945. His friend and longtime Chinese man-servant, Private Chung, was always near with his cricket bat, Clicky-Ba, dolling out brutal beatings to Samson’s would be attackers.

Born in 1897, the only son of William Samson Sr., stagecoach driver for Mina Murray’s League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, 1898-1905. Tragically, Chung was killed by Kumbalari border guards when the two tried to escape the hermit kingdom on a motorbike following a clandestine mission in 1944. Samson joined MI6 around 1938.

During the Second World War he served behind enemy lines in Libya. Chung and Samson accounted for over 200 Bacterian soldiers killed or captured from 1941-1942. Joined Worralson’s League at its inception in October 1946, MI5 believing that he will be a perfect stand in for the African adventuring Allan Quatermain.

William Samson Jr.

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