Dr. Peter Bradey

Invisible Man II


DEX: 3 STR: 2 Spirit: 5

INT: 8 Will: 5 Infl: 5

Aura: 7 Body: 2 Mind: 5

Action Points: 16

Hero Points: 38


Invisibility: 25


Detective: 4 Medicine: 5 Science: 9

Stealth: 16 Thief: 3 Weaponry: 4


Chain Smoker (-3 Stealth), Poor Health (-1 STR )


1 Pack Blue Dwarf Cigarettes & 1 .455 Webley (6 Ammo)


Dr. Peter Bradey, born 1911, was undertaking research on Hawley Griffin’s original invisibility formula when he turned himself invisible following a botched experiment on guinea pigs in 1933. Dr. Bradey quickly turned himself in to the British government. He is searching for a cure for his condition whilst working as an agent for British Secret Intelligence. In 1934, Bradey was given his first assignment, rescue a MI6 agent who had been captured by Zionists in the Levant, which he successfully, if sloppily, completed. During the War from 1939-1940, he worked to uncover fascist spies in the West Midlands.

Unlike the original Invisible Man, the general public is aware of his condition and he wears bandages to indicate his presence to fellow League members and his British Intelligence handlers. Dr. Bradey is a chronic drinker and smoker who often has ill health as a result, he thankfully does not have the penchant for wanton violence or sadism that his predecessor, Hawley Griffin, exhibited. His frequent coughing fits have given him away, despite his invisibility, on numerous occasions.

Dr. Peter Bradey

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