Monsieur Zenith

Zenith the Albino


DEX: 6 STR: 2 Spirit: 4

INT: 7 Will: 4 Infl: 5

Aura: 8 Body: 3 Mind: 11

Action Points: 28

Hero Points: 35



Detect: 10 Extended Hearing: 12


Acrobatics: 6 Martial Arts: 5 Thief: 8

Stealth: 8 Weaponry: 6

Languages: French, German, & English




Opium Addict, Irrational Attraction to Danger


Antique French Rapier (+2)


Zenith the Albino, or Monsieur Zenith, as he styles himself, is a criminal mastermind and former member of Les Hommes Mystérieux, “The Mysterious Men”, the French counterpart to the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, 1907-1913.

Born with albinism sometime in the late 1880’s, Zenith uses opium to overcome his condition. His extended drug addiction has afforded him physical powers and abilities beyond that of any normal man. Cursed with a perpetual sense of restlessness, Zenith’s boredom and dissatisfaction can only be relieved by danger, adventure, and large daily quantities of opium. He has a taste for the finer things in life and claims to be of noble origin, though his background is mostly unknown.

In 1913, he dueled the gender changing immortal Orlando in the pouring rain atop the roof of the Paris Opera. Zenith was himself nearly killed when his Les Hommes Mystérieux partner, Fantômas, remotely detonated a large cache of explosives underneath the Opera House, killing some 200 innocents. In the 1920’s he lived in Rome, and then in Tommania for a brief time before purchasing a modest mountain-top property in Transylvania where he lived for five years before selling the property at a loss and heavily in debt. In the early 1930’s, Zenith sold stolen surplus German and French weaponry to the warring countries of Nuevo Rico and San Theodoros in Latin America, making a small fortune which he soon spent on his drug habit and a lavish lifestyle.

Monsieur Zenith

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