Janni Dakkar

Captain Nemo II


DEX: 5 STR: 2 INT: 5

Will: 10 Spirit: 6 Infl: 8

Aura: 10 Body: 3 Mind: 6

Initiative: 31

Hero Points: 75


Charisma: 8 Gadgetry: 5 Martial Arts: 6

Military Science: 7 Vehicles: 8 Weaponry: 10

Languages: English, Hindi, & French


Iron Nerves (+2)




Cutlass (+1), Harpoon Pistol (9 Ammo)

Nautilus V (Submarine): DEX: 13 STR: 14 Body: 13
Armaments: 40 G7e Torpedoes, 8 Long Range Missiles
Crew of 178


Born in 1895, Princess Janni Dakkar is the only daughter and heir of Captain Nemo, the Sikh science-pirate and captain of the Nautilus submersible ship. She grew up unloved by her father, who had wanted a son and heir to captain his ship after his death. When she was three years old, Janni witnessed Ms. Mina Murray visiting Lincoln Island to recruit her father to join the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

At the age of 15, she was asked by her dying father to succeed him however Janni not only rebuked the offer but insulted her father’s entire life, deciding to leave Lincoln Island; traveling by ship to England. Adopting the name Jenny Diver, she found work at the Bar’s Inn on the East London Docks. Ishmael turned up months later, informing Janni that her father had died, leaving her a flare gun to summon the new Nautilus III, the Black Raider. That very night, Janni was gang raped by men at the inn, summoning the Nautilius and her new crew the following morning, she slaughtered the dockside inhabitants of East London, including her rapists, becoming Captain Nemo II thereafter. In the year 1912, she gained international press for plundering the wreck of the Titan, a passenger ship which sunk with great loss of life in 1898. During World War I, Janni plundered both sides’ ships evenly.

In 1925, Captain Nemo II stole the treasures of the immortal Queen Ayesha, who at the time was a guest of media tycoon Charles Foster Kane. Kane hired three scientific adventurers-Frank Reade Jr., Jack Wright, and Tom Swyfte-to hunt down Nemo II and return the treasures of Ayesha. Wanting to complete her father’s failed 1897 expedition to the South Pole, Janni took her to crew to the Mountain’s of Madness and beyond, chased by Kane’s employees, and haunted by the many otherworldly horrors of Antarctica. Reade Jr. and Wright were both killed in the pursuit, and Swyfte was driven insane. Only Janni and her lover, Broad Arrow Jack, survived. Their daughter Hira was born soon after.

In 1933, Janni abducted the skeletal remains of the prehistoric ape that had previously rampaged throughout New York City and returned its remains to Skull Island following the requests made by Skull Island’s inhabitants. Sometime between the World Wars, Janni escorted Allan Quatermain, Mina Murray and Orlando to The Blazing World after they severed their ties to British Secret Intelligence.

Janni’s daughter, Hira, married Captain Armand, the son of Robur the “Master of the World” in the year 1938. During the first years of World War II, Janni was active in plundering and sinking German ships, working extensively with her son-in-law Armand Robur and his sky pirates. In 1941, Janni and Broad Arrow Jack were lured to the Berlin Metropolis and re-encountered Queen Ayesha, ending with the demise of the remaining members of the Die Zwielichthelden, the deaths of Ayesha and Broad Arrow Jack, and the utter devastation of Berlin. After her husband’s death, Nemo II spent the remainder of the war attacking the Axis Powers while providing help and rescue services for many displaced war victims, including the troll populations of Finland and Norway that were nearly extinguished under Adenoid Hynkel’s regime.

Captain Nemo in recent years has begun to transition her forces into an efficient global strike force, devoted to intervene in worlwide trouble spots, fighting injustice and neo-imperialism wherever it festers.

Janni Dakkar

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