Iron Warrior

Mechanized Robot


DEX: 9 STR: 25 Spirit: 2

INT: 3 Will: 4 Infl: 8

Aura: 20 Body: 28 Mind: 2

Action Points: 29

Hero Points: 46

Control Requirements: INT: 5, Vehicles: 6


Invulnerability: 15 Sealed Systems: 16 Sonar: 12


Vehicles: 15 Weaponry: 12


Mechanical Unreliability (Make 1 d12 Roll for the first Combat Action on any turn, a roll of 4 or less means the Iron Warrior suffers a mechanical failure and has to wait to attack until the next turn.)


The Iron Warrior is a fully mechanized 15 foot robot designed and built by Texas engineer Rodney Dearth. Dearth was no hero but a small time criminal, weapons dealer, and treasure hunter. From 1932-1943, the Iron Warrior was used to plunder and scavenge artifacts and treasures throughout Africa and the Middle East. It can be radio controlled from a distance or can be used like a suit of armor, controlled from the inside by the pilot with room for one additional occupant.

In 1941, Dearth was contracted by the Tommanian-German regime of Adenoid Hykel to find various supernatural artifacts in Egypt and Iraq. The Iron Warrior was captured by the British Army in Iraq in the summer of 1943, whilst Dearth was evidently killed fleeing British Intelligence somewhere in the Valley of Fakreddin. The Warrior is now controlled by MI5 and is a member of Worralson’s League.

Iron Warrior

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