Hugo Coghlan

Hugo Hercules


DEX: 10 STR: 18 Spirit: 4

INT: 3 Will: 12 Infl: 6

Aura: 9 Body: 22 Mind: 5

Action Points: 25

Hero Points: 40


Invulnerability: 10


Weaponry: 10




Hugo Hercules, known alternatively as the mythic Cú Chulainn, is an American superhero mercenary, and assassin for hire. Able to lift elephants by the age of thirteen, Hugo was known as “the boy wonder”. In American newspapers was described as the first “super fella”.

In the year 1890, Hugo was sent to kill Captain Nemo under the orders of the occultist Doctor Nikola, but hesitated when he realized Nemo was in the middle of his honeymoon which was against Hugo’s principles. The shrewd Sikh science-pirate hired him at a substantially higher rate to kill Nikola instead, which he accomplished successfully. In 1920, Hugo was hired by Clark Savage Sr. to kill the super-soldier Hugo Danner.

Hugo Coghlan

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