Hugo "Bulldog" Drummond

MI5 Agent


DEX: 4 STR: 6 Spirit: 6

INT: 3 Will: 8 Infl: 4

Aura: 4 Body: 5 Mind: 7

Action Points: 24

Hero Points: 45


Detective: 6 Martial Arts: 7 Military Science (Spy): 7

Stealth: 9 Weaponry: 6


Bone Cruncher (+1 Damage to Unarmed & Melee Attacks), Security Clearance (Low, 15 points)


Dimwit (-1 INT), Rage


Hugo “Bulldog” Drummond was born into a wealthy London family around 1890. As a youth young Hugo wasted no time immersing himself into high society at a young age. He was known as a crack shot with a hunting rifle and was a adept cricket player in his youth as well. His tenacious and implacable manner earned him the nickname “Bulldog”. When Hugo was 25, he became an officer in the fashionable Royal Loamshire Regiment, serving in the First World War at the Battle of the Somme in 1916 and in Flanders in 1917. He returned to London after the War to begin work as an adventurer and private detective and began working for MI5 around 1929.

Hugo is a huge, muscular brute, surprisingly stealthy for a man his size. He detests firearms in his line of work and prefers fisticuffs and brawling to knives and pistols though he is excellent shot with any type of gun. He is a staunch conservative, racist, and member of the INGSOC Party.

Hugo "Bulldog" Drummond

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