Count Zero

Italian Sky Pirate


DEX: 5 STR: 2 INT: 5

Will: 7 Spirit: 4 Infl: 4

Aura: 6 Body: 3 Mind: 8

Action Points: 25

Hero Points: 28


Charisma: 6 Martial Arts: 2 Mechanic: 6

Military Science: 8 Vehicles: 11 Weaponry: 3

Languages: Italian, German, & English


Exile, Mistrust


Beretta .32 Pistol (8 Rounds)

Fiat G.56 “Gato Nero” (Airplane, Monoplane) DEX: 14 STR: 11 Body: 8
Armaments: 2 Missiles, 3 12mm Underwing machineguns (75 Rounds Each), 1 20mm Mauser cannon (250 Rounds)
Seats 1


An ancestor of the famed Captain Marcos Zero, who once faced Lemuel Gulliver’s Fellowship (the Second League), Count Zero is an enigmatic ace pilot and revolutionary Italian anarchist. Born into a noble family in the year 1907, he learned to fly in the late 1920’s after a successful career in motor racing, winning the Tripoli Grand Prix in 1926 and 1927. By 1936, Zero was putting his expertise to use flying contraband into and out of the Maltese Riviera, before returning to his home country to serve in the Bacterian air corps. Count Zero became a fascist war hero for a brief period after gaining over 21 aerial victories during the War, dueling RAF Capt. Bigglesworth to a stalemate over North Africa. Zero soon deserted military service in April of 1940, vowing to never serve another nation or flag, except his own, ever again.

His home-base is on the small windswept island of Santo Monserrano off the western coast of Italy. Zero’s command vessel is the dirigible zeppelin aircraft, Filibus, named after the Italian female sky pirate who was known for a series of high value robberies in 1915 and 1916.

Count Zero

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