Glossary of Important Events, Personages, & Places

Bacteria- German-Tommanian name for Italy, a mediterranean country known for good wine and better cuisine. Ruled from 1922-1943 by fascist strongman Benzino Napaloni. Allies of Hynkel’s regime during the Second World War, Bacteria is now a nominal ally of Britain.

Canada-The United State’s northerly neighbor boasting massive oil and water reserves, Canada is one of few nations not ravaged by war or isolated in a totalitarian takeover in the 20th century. The British government-in-exile from the pre-1945 years and the royal family currently reside in Canada, along with a significant amount of treasure relating to England’s past, including the royal jewels, are hidden in the capital of Ottawa until a counter-revolution can be launched. Canada boasts its own unaffiliated menagerie of heroes including Randolph “Thunderfist” Steele.

Dakkar-Robur Family-Powerful sea-sky pirate family joined through the marriage of Hira Dakkar, granddaughter of Captain Nemo and Armand Robur, son of the “Master of the Air”, Jean Robur, in the year 1938. The organization is currently lead by the daughter of Captain Nemo, Princess Janni Dakkar, Nemo II, aboard the Nautilus V submarine. During World War 2, Captain Nemo II made war on German-Tommania and Bacteria, sinking thousands of tons of fascist shipping throughout the conflict. Perhaps most famous for completely destroying the Berlin Metropolis with Captain Robur’s airship The Terror following the rescue of her daughter Hira and Robur in April of 1941, after they were shot down over Berlin. Nemo’s husband Broad Arrow Jack was killed in this mission. Following this episode, Captain Nemo II decided to abandon piracy in favor of becoming a total military force dedicated to intervening in troubled areas of the globe.

First World War-World wide conflict from 1914-1918 with England and France and its allies against the German and Tommanian Imperial armies. Millions of casualties were inflicted on both sides due to four long years of stagnant trench warfare and the emergence of aerial power including airplanes and zeppelins. Notable battles fought at Mons in 1914, the Somme in 1916, and the Argonne Forest 1918.

Adenoid Hynkel-Tommanian born dictator of German-Tommania from 1930-1944. German Army veteran of the First World War who saw the construction of the great Tommanian War machine after 1933. Allied with Bacteria and her leader, Benzino Napaloni in the year 1933. Peacefully annexed Germany in 1936. Invaded the Kingdom of Ubu in the year 1939, dethroning King Ubu Roi III, and later conquered France in 1940. Nearly conquering the Soviet Union in 1941-1942, Hynkel oversaw the near extermination of the Troll population of Scandinavia. Tommania-Germany went to war with England, France, and the United States after the invasion of Ubu. Used the brilliant yet twisted mind of Carl Rotwang to rebuild the city of Berlin into the techno-fascist wonder known as the Berlin Metropolis. Most of the city was leveled by the utterly devastating aerial bombardment of the Dakkar-Robur clan’s Terror airship. After the defeat and death of the “Desert Fox” in 1943 and the Tommanian-German defeat in North Africa, followed by the Soviet Invasion of 1944, Hynkel committed suicide in his underground bunker below the ruins of his destroyed Metropolis in January of 1944.

Ingsoc Party-The English Socialist Party, or INGSOC, is the ruling political party over Great Britain from 1945 to the present (1946). Ruled by the mysterious oligarch, Big Brother, the INGSOC Party took over in the turbulent days after World War 2 ended (1939-1944). All forms of entertainment, state news and information, and history are controlled by the INGSOC party. England is divided into three castes, the tiny inner party who controls the government, the outer party who work in the bureaucracy and low level state jobs, and the masses of working class and agrarian Proles.

Kumbalari-Isolated hermit kingdom in between Tibet, China, and India.

Les Hommes Mystérieux-(“The Mysterious Men”) were the French counterpart of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, comprised of several criminals and outcasts who the French Government granted amnesty in return for their service. The group was created by the French government around 1907 in response to unconfirmed reports of a German conspiracy intended to bring Europe into war. The group was lead by Jean Robur and his adjutant Arsène Lupin the Gentleman Thief, and included the superhero Nyctalope, criminal mastermind & terrorist Fantômas, and albino Monsieur Zenith. Mystérieux was manipulated into fighting the English League by their German counterpart Die Zwielichthelden, with the groups coming into conflict between 13 February-14 March, 1913. In the first confrontation the League initially attempted to board Robur’s airship by balloon only to be easily shot down, their battle ultimately climaxing at the Paris Opera House when Fantômas remotely detonated a large cache of explosives in the abandoned former lair of the Phantom of the Opera. Some 200 casualties were inflicted from the explosion and subsequent aftermath. After this episode, The Mysterious Men were formally disbanded. Robur was killed at the Battle of the Somme in 1916 when his airship was shot down over enemy lines, Lupin was murdered during the Tommanian occupation of France in 1941, Nyctalope and Fantômas have not been seen since the early 1930’s, and Zenith is still currently alive and active in various criminal schemes around the world.


Martian Invasion-Attack and large scale Mollusc invasion of earth in July-August 1898. The name “Molluscs” was given to them by the native Martians. On Earth shortly after their landfall they were mistakenly called “Martians” since they came to Earth while fleeing Mars. The Mollusc invaders were pushed back by a large Martian army led by John Carter and Gullivar Jones. Due to these circumstances, in July 1898, the invaders fled Mars in several cylinder-shaped refugee ships bound for Earth. The Mollusc armada was briefly observed by astronomers on Earth who misidentified them as Martian volcanoes. They first made landfall in Horsell, southern England on 5 August 1898. Mina’s League was dispatched to investigate the landing and witnessed the brutal onset of “Martian” aggression on a gathered crowd of onlookers. The next day, British artillery and infantry regiments guarding the Horsell Commons crater were vaporized by Mollusc heat rays, followed by a large advance of robotic Tripods on the city of London. The night before their attack on London, Hawley Griffin, the Invisible Man, secretly made a pact with the invaders promising to help them in exchange for their making him the co-ruler of Earth. Griffin kept his promise to the aliens by providing them with stolen British Artillery positions, directly leading to the massacre of over 7,000 British soldiers on the afternoon of 6 August. The alien advance was hindered by Captain Nemo’s Nautilus at the Thames River until the Red Weed, an alien plant carried aboard the invaders’ ships, overran the river, clogging the waterways and immobilizing the submarine. By 9 August, the invaders gathered outside of London Bridge. The bestial Mr. Edward Hyde attacked a Tripod on the bridge, ripping off a leg and tearing his way into the machine before being killed, turning the tide of the battle at the cost of his own life. The tripods were halted just outside of the city allowing the British military the opportunity to launch H-142, a hybrid bacterium made up of anthrax and streptococcus developed by Dr. Alphonse Moreau, decimating the alien forces and killing any surviving humans in the vicinity as well. The invasion ended in the utter defeat and extermination of the Molluscs on Earth.

Mina Murray’s League-First incarnation was formed in 1898 at the direction of British Secret Intelligence under the handling of MI5 agent Campion Bond. Lead by the former fiancé of solicitor Jonathan Harker, the formidable and ever-so-competent Ms. Wilhelmina “Mina” Murray, this original group consisted of the Sikh science pirate Captain Nemo, adventurer Allan Quatermain, Dr. Henry Jekyll and Edward Hyde, and the Invsible Man, Hawley Griffin. After their formation in June of 1898, Mina’s league successfully stopped Professor James Moriarty from destroying West London with a large dirigible ship powered by the Cavorite stolen by Fu Manchu. After the deaths of both Jekyll & Hyde and Griffin during the events of the Martian Invasion, the group disbanded with Nemo returning to Lincoln Island, and Mina and Quatermain going their separate ways. In the year 1909, Mina formed her Second League, consisting of Allan Quatermain Jr., supernatural detective Thomas Carnacki, gentleman thief A.J. Raffles, and the immortal gender changing warrior and lover, Orlando.

The Moon- Luna, or Selene to the indigenous inhabitants, is planet earths satellite. In 1901, Professor Selwyn Cavor, using his anti-gravity material Cavorite, led a British expedition to the Moon, annexing it to the British Empire. Cavor did not survive the journey and his body was left on the Moon, soon to be worshiped by the Selenites, the native inhabitants of Luna. France settled a colony in 1902 and American followed suit in 1915. Hynkel’s Tommania-German regime established a small remote military outpost on the dark side of the Moon sometime after 1937, the status of which remains unknown.

Second World War- Fought from 1939-1944 after Tommania-Germany invaded the Kingdom of Ubu. Tommania conquered France but failed to defeat England in the year 1940 during the Battle of Britain. Tommania and Bacteria also invaded Egypt and Eastern Africa in Septemeber of 1940, attempting to control the regions vast oil reserves and wealth of supernatural artifacts. Hynkel’s fascist alliance scored several early victories over the Red Army from 1940-1941, conquering Norway and Finland in the same period. In April of 1941 most of the Berlin Metropolis was destroyed in a massive aerial bombardment by the airship the Terror piloted by the Dakkar-Robur pirate family. The “Desert Fox” General Rommel was defeated in November of 1943 outside of Egypt and following the Soviet invasion of German-Tommania, Anglo-American invasion of France, and Hynkel’s disappearance from his bunker in Berlin (and presumed suicide), the Second World War ended in January of 1944.

Thingmaker Regime-The United States of America is ruled currently by the Communist Party of America under the leadership of President Mike Thingmaker, who took power in a revolutionary coup in June of 1945. Born in Connecticut, Thingmaker made a living as a carpenter and woodworker before traveling to Moscow for political and military training, returning to America in 1936 to begin his revolution. The United States is now a nearly perfect communist utopia, similar to their allies, the totalitarian Big Brother government in England.

Die Zwielichthelden-(“The Twilight Heroes”) were the German version of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen who were in operation from 1909-1941. Formed at the behest of the German Goverment and nominally directed by Kaiser Wilhelm II. The group was originally comprised of Doctor Werner Mabuse, mesmerist Doctor Caligari and his mind-slave Cesare, and Dr. Rotwang, along with his female android-automatron Maria and her later prototypes. Rotwang died in 1929 whilst Cesare was killed in the year 1933, lynched by Hynkel’s brownshirts. Doctor Caligari perished during the bombing of the Berlin Metropolis in 1941, as did the original Maria, though she lives on in at least two surviving model versions. Dr. Mabuse is alive currently and living in an undisclosed location.



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