British Secret Intelligence

British Secret Intelligence is comprised of two distinct groups, Military Intelligence Group 5 or MI5, and MI6, foreign intellience and espionage. MI5 controls the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and internal state security in the totalitarian state of Airstrip One.

MI5 is under the current control of the Ingsoc Party’s Ministry of Love, currently by the leader of state security, Gerald O’Brien, hand picked by Big Brother himself. The current head of MI5, “M”, is longtime intelligence agent Harry Lime.



The Antiquary Leagues

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen began after the reign of Queen Gloriana I (r.1558-1603) in 1610 with the formation of the first LOEXG, known unofficially as Prospero’s Men. Led by the astrologer and former Duke of Milan, Prospero, the first League consisted of the Spanish knight Don Quixote, pirate Robert Owemuch, Prospero’s familiars Ariel and Caliban, the ethereal traveller Christian, the seductive courtesan Amber St. Clair, and the immortal Orlando were members at varying times as well. Spymaster Sir Jack Wilton served as the first “M” of British Secret Intelligence.


The second LOEXG, known as Gulliver’s Fellowship, was led by Lemuel Gulliver, a trained ship’s surgeon famous for surviving his travels to Lilliput and Blefuscu, Brobdingnag, Laputa, and Glubbdubdri. The Fellowship included The Reverend Doctor Christopher Syn, also known as the pirate Captain Clegg, and later known as the Scarecrow, a vicar turned pirate, smuggler, and outlaw. Other members included Sir Percy and Lady Marguerite Blakeney, aristocratic adventurers and spies as well as Natty Bumppo, known alternatively as the “Hawkeye” “The Pathfinder” and “The Deerslayer”, a white man raised by Delaware Indians to be a feared warrior and skilled huntsman. The unlikely Fanny Hill, a cunning prostitute, was a member of the Fellowship as well.


British Secret Intelligence

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