Professor James Grey

Submarine Engineer


DEX: 2 STR: 1 Spirit: 4

INT: 11 Will: 4 Infl: 5

Aura: 3 Body: 2 Mind: 8

Initiative: 14

Hero Points: 25


Gadgetry: 8 Mechanic: 7 Medicine: 4

Science: 10 Vehicles: 8




Old Age (-2 Initiative)


Just seven years old during the Martian Invasion of August 1898, Professor James “Jimmy” Grey and his parents were evacuating the City of London when the train they were on was attacked by a Martian tripod which resulted in the deaths of both of his parents. Grey was rescued by Captain Nemo and his Nautilus submarine, vowing to become a submarine designer and engineer when he came of age. After studying ichthyology and mechanical engineering at Cambridge, gaining honors in both, he began his life’s work on submarines and submersible water craft. During the War, Professor Grey designed clandestine submersibles, code named “gnome submarines”, for the Royal Navy and MI6.

Professor Grey, now 56 years of age, has built a total of 14 complete submarines of various sizes and functions, collectively called, The Iron Fish. Both of his children, 16 and 17 year olds, Danny and Penny, pilot his menagerie of submersibles. Joined Worralson’s League at it’s inception in October of 1946.

Professor James Grey

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