Major Hermann Götz

Former Tommanian General & Robotic Warfare Expert


DEX: 2 STR: 3 Spirit: 4

INT: 8 Will: 5 Infl: 8

Aura: 6 Body: 2 Mind: 4

Action Points: 14

Hero Points: 21


Charisma: 4 Military Science: 11 Mechanic: 7

Science: 9 Vehicles: 8 Weaponry: 6


Iron Hand (+1 STR), Security Clearance (Low, 15 points)




Hermann Götz was born in Tommania in 1894. His father was a naval reserve officer and young Hermann joined a military academy at the age of thirteen, later joining the Imperial German cavalry upon graduation. During World War I Götz fought at the Somme in 1916 where he was gravely injured by a French hand grenade. Whilst recuperating from his injuries including the loss of his left hand and his left foot, he read voraciously on the topic of steam engineering and mechanized warfare, including the works of Frank Reade and his Steam Man of the Prarie.

When Adenoid Hynkel took power in 1933, the now Colonel Götz quickly joined the Tommanian fascist party and was noticed by Hynkel himself to be a committed if eccentric officer. By 1937, Götz and a team of over 150 scientists and engineers had created the first eight Metall-Soldaten known alternately as the Stahlsoldaten, steam powered mechanical soldiers capable of autonomous command and armed for the modern battlefield. At their very first test in July 1937, one of these mechanical soldiers had a critical failure with its flamethrower system and subsequently roasted alive 48 party officials and scientists before it was powered down. Hynkel was mortified but due to the early success of Dr. Caligari’s Die Schlaffkommandos, he eventually assented to Götz forming his own experimental brigade; soon christened the Stahljäger unit.

Eventually his unit comprised 50 Stahlsoldaten though no less than two dozen were ever fully functional and capable of combat readiness. Götz personally led this bizarre unit in the Pomeranian theater where they were accused of war crimes for immolating several puppy farms, and later in the Eastern theater where the bulk of the Metall-Soldaten were destroyed in futile attacks against Soviet tanks. The last three of the Stahljägers were sabotaged and destroyed shortly after the death of Hynkel in January of 1944.

Götz escaped Allied justice after the end of the war, shipping hastily to South America where he eventually made his way to the country of San Theodoros. Multiple reports from British Secret Intelligence confirm that he is working in some capacity for the San Theodoros military and may have revived his Metall-Soldaten program in secret.

Major Hermann Götz

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