Harry Lime

"M", Head of MI5, British Secret Intelligence


DEX: 2 STR: 2 Spirit: 6

INT: 7 Will: 6 Infl: 9

Aura: 3 Body: 2 Mind: 7

Action Points: 10

Hero Points: 25


Security Clearance (Ultra, 40 Points)


Charisma: 8 Detective: 6 Military Science (Spy): 7


Born Robert Kim Cherry, also known as Harry Lime, is “M”, head of British Secret Intelligence. A former student of the Greyfriars School, Robert Cherry was school friends and classmates of Harold Wharton and Gerald O’Brien, both of whom are now top Ingsoc Party members in the post-war government. He was noted for being both cheerful and dangerous whilst in school, always utilizing a cold and calculating demeanor.

It was during his time at Greyfriars that Cherry came up with the code name Harry Lime, which he later used as his main alias over the next 30 years in intelligence work. Became M in 1935. Lime Joined the Ingsoc Party officially in 1945 and is now the second most powerful intelligence officer in all of Great Britain. Lime knows the true identity of Big Brother.

Harry Lime

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