Betty “Frecks” Lovell

Worrals Sidekick


DEX: 3 STR: 2 INT: 6

Will: 5 Spirit: 6 Infl: 2

Aura: 2 Body: 3 Mind: 5

Action Points: 16

Hero Points: 30


Martial Arts: 3 Mechanic: 8 Military Science: 6

Vehicles: 7 Weaponry: 3


Dark Secret, Uncertainty (-1 Spirit)


Mechanics Tool KIt


Frecks is the 26 year old sidekick, mechanic, occasional co-pilot, and best friend of Joan “Worrals” Worralson. She operates exclusively out of Worral’s Aerodrome at Snod Hill in Northern England, where she lives. Frecks is responsible for the day to day operations of the hanger at Snod Hill and personally oversees the repairs and service of Worral’s Gloster Meteor airplane and her assorted aircraft.

Betty is a qualified pilot and experienced mechanic.

Betty “Frecks” Lovell

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