Frank Soames

Slaver & World Traveling Pirate


DEX: 3 STR: 2 Spirit: 5

INT: 7 Will: 8 Infl: 7

Aura: 6 Body: 3 Mind: 6

Action Points: 21

Hero Points: 30


Charisma: 8 Military Science (Spy): 6

Stealth: 5 Thief: 5 Weaponry: 5

Languages: Italian, German, & Russian




Exile, Megalomania


Pure Ivory Sword Cane (+1)


Born James Augustus Franklin Soames, Frank Soames is an infamous crime financier, ex-pirate, and known slaver and spy. As an adolescent, he attended the Greyfriar’s School for roughly seven years before leaving for his first tour at sea as a merchant mariner. He served briefly under the command of the swarthy globe trotting Captain Maltese in 1916 before becoming a pirate, slave dealer, and occasional mercenary-for-hire.

Soames has sold white slaves to middle eastern oil sheikhs, traded shanghaied sailors for use as human game to Count Zaroff on his private Carribean island, and has been involved in slave and weapons smuggling from the South Pacific to the South China Sea. The Soames Syndicate has been implicated in several dozen high seas robberies throughout the inter-war era, including the robbery of the HMS Queen Victoria in 1934.

Wanted by British Secret Intelligence since 1940 when he was connected with a Tommanian spy ring operating within southern England. Sometime after the end of the Second World War, Soames gained the ire of the American communist-totalitarian Thingmaker regime when he stole the fourth and last operational Maschinenmensch android, commonly known as Maria, from an occupied Tommanian rocket field.

Known aliases include Frank Soames, Sir James Soames, Ralph Redway, Erich Dolfuss, John B. Harris, and Augustus P. Orange, amongst a dozen or so other names used by him during his extensive travels. Soames is the current leader of the Soames Syndicate, a sprawling network of slavers, spies, and mercenaries.

Frank Soames

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