Armand Robur

French Sky Pirate & Captain of the Terror


DEX: 5 STR: 3 INT: 5

Will: 5 Spirit: 5 Infl: 4

Aura: 6 Body: 2 Mind: 4

Action Points: 26

Hero Points: 31


Charisma: 7 Martial Arts: 2 Military Science: 8

Vehicles: 11 Weaponry: 4

Languages: French, English, & Hindi




Married, Poor Health (-1 STR)


Cutlass, Harpoon Pistol (9 Ammo)

The Terror (Large Flying Machine): DEX: 10 STR: 17 Body: 18
Armaments: 10 500 Pound Bombs, 25 Underwing 20mm Machine Guns (75 Rounds Each), 12 air-to-air missile, & 4 Martian Heat Ray Guns (Area Effect)


Born in the year 1908, Armand Robur is a French sky pirate and scion of the Dakkar-Robur dynasty. He is the only son and heir of the self proclaimed “Master of the World” and former Les Hommes Mysterieux member, Jean Robur, who was killed in 1916 when his airship Albatross was shot down at the Battle of Somme. Armand succeeded his father officially in the year 1927, when he decisively intervened in the Sunni revolt against French rule in Syria and Lebanon. Robur and his engineers completed his massive airship The Terror in 1932, marrying princess Hira Dakkar, the only daughter and heir of Captain Nemo II in 1938; thus joining the sea pirate Nemo family with the aeronautic warlord Robur clan.

He is the captain of the flying machine The Terror and is a master bombardier and aeronaut. Captain Robur was shot down over the Berlin Metropolis in April of 1941 after he was driven into a trap by Hynkel and the remnants of the Die Zwielichthelden. Rescued by his mother-in-law, Captain Nemo, his ship soon laid waste to the city of Berlin, destroying the complex and massive mechanical metropolis in a matter of minutes.

Armand Robur

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