Andrew Bond

MI6 Agent 007


DEX: 3 STR: 2 Spirit: 4

INT: 6 Will: 7 Infl: 5

Aura: 7 Body: 3 Mind: 6

Action Points: 25

Hero Points: 30


Charisma: 4 Martial Artist: 3 Military Science (Spy): 7

Stealth: 6 Thief: 6 Weaponry: 7

Languages: Italian, French, German, & Russian


Omni-Connection, Security Clearance (High, 25 points)


Alcoholic (-2 Will)


Walther PPk pistol (+1)


MI6 Agent 007, Andrew Bond is a career British Secret Intelligence operative who has worked for MI6 for over twenty-eight years. His father is Campion Bond, a long tenured MI5 agent who retired in the year 1923. 007 has a sixteen year old son as well, James “Jimmy” Bond, likely to follow in his father and grandfather’s footsteps. Like many other intelligence agents of his era, he attended the Greyfriars School.

Bond has had a varied career since he began working for MI6 sometime after 1921, serving abroad in many classified locations.

Andrew Bond

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